Festivalworkshop - IGNORE ME mit Jacob Banigan

23.09.2017 | 15:00


Festivalworkshop - IGNORE ME mit Jacob Banigan

The Improver on stage is a Triad: simultaneously the Actor, Writer and Director. The Scene on stage is both Process and Product; created and complete at once. To make all of these aspects work in harmony, the Improviser actually must disappear. The setting and character must become more real than the actual stage and performer. Our ego got us to the stage, but is then stashed away, so that the truth of the scene emerges.

Jacob Banigan is a practicing philosopher of improv, with a 25 year long love affair with the art. He was Artistic Director of Canada’s Rapid Fire Theatre for ten years. He now works in Graz, Austria with Theater im Bahnhof, in Vienna with English Lovers, and everywhere with Rocket Sugar Factory. Jacob Banigan ist in tausenden von Improshows, Kurz- und Langformaten sowie Improwettkämpfen aufgetreten. In Graz tritt er in Game Of Death und MONTAG - Die improvisierte Show des Theater im Bahnhof auf, in Wien mit den English Lovers, und mit Rocket Sugar Factory überall. Er unterrichtet in ganz Europa und Nordamerika.

23.09.2017 | 15:00


Schaulust Bremen
Beim Handelsmuseum 9, Güterbahnhof Tor 48
28195 Bremen


50,- EUro

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