The Drama in Improvised Comedy - Workshop Masterclass

01.11.2020 | 10:00


The Drama in Improvised Comedy - Workshop Masterclass

Improvisation can be funny, gagy and silly, and I love it for that.
But improvisation and comedy can also be thought provoking, emotionally teasing and at times dramatic.
Let’s drop the notion that there is drama OR comedy and that the two should never mix. Let’s not shy away from tough topics while improvising. Let’s tell stories about life, humanity, society or politics while using the full spectrum of a good comedy.
This masterclass is about finding the truth in comedy, finding the dramatic in the funny and the funny in the drama.
It is about creating moments on stage which are being respected, well played and carefully orchestrated in order to give the audience the full experience that improvisation has to offer.
Preis: 200,- (Early Bird bis 17.9.) 230,- (ab 18.9.)
Termin: 31.10./1.11. jew. 10:00 bis 17:00
(12 Workshop-Stunden)
Ort: Leipzig
Es handelt sich um eine Masterclass. Bitte nur erfahrende Spieler*innen anmelden. Der Workshop wird in Englisch gehalten.
Anmeldungen an jonas.mue[at]

01.11.2020 | 10:00





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