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Hi guys, how are you doing? - If you see this, you're apparently looking for some improv in English? - No? So, shopping for a birthday present then, hum? - Ha, just kidding. To the point: if you are interested in improv in English, French or Spanish IN BERLIN, then this is the place for you! ------------------- Currently there is: - 13.1.-16.3.2016 Ongoing Workshop for all levels: English-German at TU University Wednesdays 20h30-22h30, Location A See details: > Theater&Kleinkunst > Impro ---------- People interested in perfoming as a team between 2-4 people, feel free to contact me. Maybe something can be set up there :D ------- That's the news for now Looking forward :D A bientôt! Nos vemos! And never forget enjoying the way you go : )



Location A Dovestraße 6, 2nd floor


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