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Impro Impar

Impro Impar Currently has 3 active shows: * 3 en Impro (3 for impro), a game-based show. The performers are challenged by the audience, who can play in some of the scenes. The hottest show in Madrid. * En Plan Improvisado (In an improv way), a long-form comedy. A theater company wants to make a big opening, but has to improvise the play. * Cuentos Irrepetibles (Irrepetible tales), a long-form for children. A storyteller asks for help to the little audience and together they create a tale. 3-4 performers create all the characters. Also, there is a musician creating ambience, and maybe creating songs. Other shows not playing: * 7 words, a show of random scenes created with only 7 words from the audience.





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