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Her origins are uncertain. Some say Molnia was born out of the Russian winter and fed vodka instead of milk until she was five. With his bags filled with olive oil, jamón and chorizo, Markel set off on a journey searching for a more heart-warming atmosphere. No one saw it coming. Jutta innocently watched the Austrian Improv Championship in 2005 when she was infected. Scientists believe that the hallucinatory substance found in LSD are byproducts of Marvil's bodily fluids which are oftentimes found in abundance around watermelon fields and back alleys. As a kid, Paolo really liked science. And cats. And cars. Yielmaz always liked making things up. When he was little this was cute.


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    allerDings können Giraffen auch kurze Hosen anziehen. Seit 2013 tun sie das auch offiziell mit Janine, Carina, Dani, Felix, Joschi, Jutta, Katha und Till. In Graz im Spektral oder in der Brücke - da...


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