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Os Improváveis

Portugal / Lisboa / Lisbon

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Os Improváveis

Professional group that works improvisation in several areas: shortform, longform, formation, corporate, festivals. All elements are professional theatre actors and since 2008 work mostly in Improvisation. The group created one the most successful shows in the country (Os Improváveis - more than 60.000 spectators in 6 years) and also developed formats for kids shows (ImproKids) and longform (ImproFado and others). They teach Improvisation since 2011 and corporate gigs (workshops, improv shows and sketch). This group lives to Improv and from Improv, all year long. They learned Impro from many different sources, in different places: Chicago (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014) New York (2013,2014), Amsterdam (2013, 2014, 2015), Rio de Janeiro (2011,2014), Berlin (2013), Corfu, Greece (2014), Mallorca (2015) and Würzburger (2015), all with great teachers (like Patti Styles, Shawn Kinley, Mick Napier, TJ Jagadowski, Bill Arnett, Craig Uhler, Jet Eveleth, Susan Messing, Mark Sutton, Rebecca Sohn, Tim Soszko, Jonathan Pitts, Jason Geary, Domeka Parker, Inbal Lori, Jim Libby, Omar Argentino Gàlvan, and many others.). The group also performs and teaches regulary on international festivals.




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    Gegründet: 2008
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