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Terugspeeltheater Amsterdam

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Terugspeeltheater Amsterdam

Terugspeeltheater (Playback Theatre) Amsterdam - bumper Terugspeeltheater (Playback Theatre) Amsterdam improvises scènes based on stories shared by the audience. Actors and musicians put a theme in a different perspective with humor and imagination. Abstract themes are visualised in concrete scenes. We ask, stimulate and make unspoken feeling that live among the public tangible. Playbacktheatre clarifies and connects. What is Playback Theatre? Life is full of stories. Small stories, big stories. Stories from our private lifes. And stories that play at work. Everyone is carrying them. Playback theatre makes people's stories visible, audible, tactile, recognizable and discussable. By translating them them to a theatrical form: to 'play them back'. Playback Theatre is suitable as intermezzo at or closing of courses, congresses and conferences. It's an authentic and creative form, for example, to make an organization's identity and vision concrete, to improve collaboration, to explore policy themes, or to support trainees. And perfectly useful as a deviant form of work in an exchange of views or as a delicate alternative to debates where unwavering contradictions and positions can be used. And of course, Playback Theatre is ideal to enlighten a festive occasion. More information? Visit us at and/or


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    Zakelijk Leider

    Terugspeeltheater (Playback Theatre) Amsterdam improvises scènes based on shared stories....


Alberdingk Thijmstraat 9-2


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    Gegründet: 1995
    Spielerzahl: 10
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