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The Brothers Jacokes

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika / Michigan / Ferndale

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The Brothers Jacokes

Growing up the Jacokes Brothers (Pete and PJ) had a fondness for adventure movies: The Goonies, Star Wars, The Explorers, Indiana Jones, Gremlins (which, if you look at it through the eyes of Gizmo, is quite a ride!) and others. That love for campy, adventurous fun can be found in their improvised stage show, too. For a decade, exactly once a year, The Brothers Jacokes were on the hunt for the elusive free cookie. Then, about 8 months ago, they found it. Which was unexpected, but it happened and they moved on. The Brothers Jacokes had no choice but to take their sets on other adventures and now they search for what- or whomever the audience demands in a wildly energetic, self-referential parade of characters, locations and more.



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    Gegründet: 1980
    Spielerzahl: 2
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