"Less is More!" Intermediate Improv Workshop

06.02.2020 | 19:00


"Less is More!" Intermediate Improv Workshop

Join our "Less is More!" intermediate improv workshop launch.

We come back with a BANG for this very special workshop hosted together by Anki, Georgi, and Kyra.

Fill your scenes with actions, emotions, sound effects - not words!
Explore with us, the nature of stage space and distance to stage partner as well as your body language & position, by just using sound effects and mime.

We will be observing closely, listening, repeating mimics to enhance actions, accepting and sticking to the story.

Reload yourself with high-positive energy and let your brains sizzle!

06.02.2020 | 19:00


Location: Temple of Streetstyle Defence, Landsberger Str. 521, Pasing

To attend, please apply over Meetup:


Workshop prices:
Our regular price for an intensive 3-hour workshop is 15 EUR.
For enthusiasts, we offer 6 workshops for 72 EUR (12 EUR per workshop).
For addicts, we offer 30 workshops for 300 EUR (10 EUR per workshop).

We accept cash payment at the event, or PayPal or bank transfer before the event. Please contact Georgi or Kyra if you need banking or PayPal details.

Please only RSVP if you will be attending this workshop for certain, so as not to take the place of someone else. Please understand that you may only attend our workshop if you have successfully registered for the event on Meetup.

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