Along the Walk - Afterwords + Discoveries


Along the Walk - Afterwords + Discoveries

Two women are standing on stage. They look into each other’s eyes. They follow what they discover in each other. They let them be observed by spectators. The spectators interpret and give meaning. They attribute, speculate and evaluate. They discover the stories behind the improvised encounters and sense the stories that might follow these encounters. In Afterwords, the spectators name the scene after it has happened. They reveal, step by step, the motive that connects the scenes. After the women’s last encounter, after their last words have been spoken, it becomes clear what this evening was about and what it meant to those who watched the two women connect. Afterwords is an improvised performance that is not rushing and bursting with a firework of ideas from all over. It rather takes and creates time. It nurtures the space for emergence.

Concept: Beatrix Brunschko, Randy Dixon
Performing: Beatrix Brunschko, Kirsten Sprick
Production: Orcas Island Project

Our brains have to process a lot of information all the time. And since more and more information is provided in less and less time, the brain must concentrate on what seems to be most important at the moment, thus missing or censoring lots of things that are also there. Slowing down provides the opportunity to open up awareness and sharpen all our senses. Suddenly we can detect details that we have not noticed before. For an improviser, detecting these details in an improvised scene also means opportunities. Each detail can be an offer: What is the story behind the table that two people are sitting at? Which character was involved in baking the bread that these two people are eating? What kind of song would the shoes of these people sing? A fun evening of improvised theatre where slowing down is close to discovering and details become doors to opportunities. A playful improvised show on the topic of deceleration, devised specifically for this occasion.

Concept and performing: Thomas Chemnitz, Björn Harras
Production: Gorilla Theater e.V


Pfefferberg Theater
Schönhauser Allee 176 / Haus 15
10119 Berlin


12|14|19 Euro

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