Along the Walk - Slow + Along the Book


Along the Walk - Slow + Along the Book

Slow has a particularly suitable metaphor:
An artist is busy carving an imposing piece of wood, while a small child stands beside him, observing his work. After a moment, the sculptor drops his tools and takes a few steps back to observe his work. The child does the same and realizes that the sculpture represents his own face! He stares at the artist, surprised, and asks, « Hey, how did you know I was in there?” What if the story to be told is already on stage or somewhere in our bodies? What if all we have to do is reveal what is already here? Slow is a performance that creates theatrical moments out of what already exists in the space. Its unique approach plunges us into the heart of the sincerity of the moment. In this truly spontaneous theater, Marko Mayerl, Matthieu Loos and Mats Karlsson, more discoverers than inventors, make Keith Jarett’s phrase « improvisation is playing the inevitable » their own.

Concept: Marko Mayerl, Matthieu Loos
Performing: Marko Mayerl, Matthieu Loos, Mats Karlsson
Music: Mats Karlsson
Light design: Mikaël Gorce
Production: Combats Absurdes & Inédit Théâtre

Over the two years of Along the Walk, a book has been made. It is an insight into the creative processes and an entry into the artistic mind, artistic strategies, intuition and other aspects that have become entangled in the seven artistic journeys. The materials include notes from the journeys, testimonies and local responses to the participatory artistic actions in the European countryside. Included are also reflections on each individual walk and findings on the general themes of the project – slowing down, deceleration, environmental awareness, social inclusion and collective work.

The book maps the creative processes of the Walks and the whole project. This event, moderated by Samo Oleami, the book’s editor, is an exploration of the creative process of the book itself.


Pfefferberg Theater
Schönhauser Allee 176 / Haus 15
10119 Berlin


12|14|19 Euro

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