NowHere-Akademie: Theatersport ™


NowHere-Akademie: Theatersport ™

What distinguishes an improv match from a real Theatresports™-competition? Why is Keith Johnstone’s Theatresports™ trademarked? And most importantly: How can I learn and play it?

Steve Jarand and Nadine Antler take anyone, who is curious, on a journey to learn this classic – and often misunderstood – format rooted in the structure of professional wrestling and the spirit of spontaneous drama. Developed by Keith Johnstone in London in the 1960s, Theatresports™ is a joyful rejection of authority and our formal education system.

Players act out scenes based on challenges from the other team. They are allowed to misbehave, break the rules, be different from others, have strong opinions and express themselves in their own way. Theatresports™ requires all performers to be playful, to work together, to be honest, and to deal joyfully with failure.

In this workshop, participants practise all of this and as well as the important roles that make up Theatresports™. You’ll learn how to ignite the fire in the audience for the contest, without letting the competition overwhelm the sense of collaboration and discovery.

The Workshop-weekend contains 11 training-hours as well a Theatresports™-show including a note-session. It takes place in Stuttgart and is taught in English and German.


Clara Zetkin Haus (Waldheim Stuttgart, Gorch-Fock-Straße 26, 70619 Stuttgart


Workshop-fee: 275,- Euro (incl. VAT)

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