Impro Embassy - !How Convenient!

2024-05-23 | 20:30


Impro Embassy - !How Convenient!

Meet friends you have never seen before

Improv Sitcom • starring Inbal Lori, Lee White and guests
Created by Rudy Redl, Inbal Lori & Lee White

A pair of friends, Inbal from Israel and Lee from Canada, open up a Späti in Berlin. The open minded and polite Lee does not tolerate disorder and rule-breaking well. Inbal, on the other hand, prefers to consume her goods herself, generously gives away beer samples and doesn't take rules too seriously. To set themselves apart from all the the other long-established Späti competitors, they come up with all sorts of unorthodox ideas: Twitter readings, country-specific delicacies for every national holiday of their clientele, even cocktails for the construction workers next door.

Occasionally, they clash with the inspector from the health department, the landlord and with all the interesting people from the streets of Berlin. The clash of three cultures trying to make a living in the wild city of Berlin.

As it always happens in improv: Neither we nor you know how the stories will end.

In this series, anything can happen, because everything is possible in Berlin.

2024-05-23 | 08:30 PM


Ratibor Theater
Cuvrystr. 20
Tel. (030) 618 61 99
U-Bhf. Schlesisches Tor (U1)


12|14|19 Euro

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