Improv Group For Young Adults (22 - 42 Years)

13.06.2024 | 20:00


Improv Group For Young Adults (22 - 42 Years)

Experiment, play, connect...

Improvisational theatre (or just improv) is also called as theater sports and is a form of theatre, which can be played on stage and also in groups. Nothing is prepared or memorized and there are no requisites. Communication, perception and attention play a special role here. There usually is a specific focus (e.g. pantomime, expressing feelings, storytelling) for which there are various warmups and improv games. This can create impressive scenes.

Improv enhances creativity, social skills and reaction. It can help you to break from routines, try new things and reflect yourself.

The improv games and exercises allow you to relax from everyday life in a very short time and concentrate fully on the play. This is a great way to reduce stress, meet new people, have a lot of fun and just flow with the moment.

It's also good to improve your language skills.

No previous experience is needed. There is a detailed warm-up program. And we only play for ourselves as a group and have no other spectators.

The group will be in English.

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13.06.2024 | 20:00

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