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Compagnie Amai!

Belgique / Gent

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Compagnie Amai!

A young, dynamic and enthousiast improvisation group from Ghent. Brings special concept to the stage: improvisation with a theme. Every performance is within a special theme. This can be a very small theme, a ridiculous theme, a strange theme, a big theme, but there's always a theme! Also, all the shortform games we play are adapted to the theme. This gives more variation to the performances!


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    compagnie Amai!

    Compagnie Amai! is an improvisation group that has a special concept. Each and every performance is in a special theme. This theme can be very specific but sometimes also very broad. We play mostly ...


Zinniastraat 28, 9000 Gent

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    Date de création: 2012
    Nombre de joueurs: 15
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