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Belgique / Vlaams Gewest / Leuven

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IMPROFIEL founded in 1999 and based in Leuven (B), 11 actors/improvisors and 1 musician, all together a varied bunch with plenty of experience in short- and long-form. The group has 5 well-seasoned improv trainers that can provide workshops on all levels (beginner and advanced). Annually, Improfiel prepares a brand new show that grew out of the collective madness and experiences of the actors. If you would like to get a taste of the Improfiel flavour, we're always open for an international exchange with improv groups in Europe. We have some great memories and moving experiences of our collaborations in Amsterdam (NL), Pisa (I), Brno (CZ) and Tallinn (EST). Each time we had a great mix of exchange workshops and a collective evening show. If we’ve tickled your improv taste buds, do contact us, maybe Improfiel can spice up your improv palette:



Nieuwstraat 9
3212 Pellenberg
+32 497 55 70 22

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    Date de création: 1999
    Nombre de joueurs: 11
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