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    I just found this site and love it! I own Charlotte Comedy Theater, and am an original Chicago improviser from IO, Annoyance.... if anyone wants a traveling improv coach I want to do more teaching out of the South East. I love to teach the basics up to any of the 10 long forms we perform at CCT or to help improv groups come up with their own. Del, Charna, Mick trained and 23 years of spending my weekends on stage doing improv. Wanna get out and meet/teach improvisers from all over the world! let me know. or I know these posts are old, so hope everyone is still connected!

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    Skybaby 1

    The Spontaneous Theatre People in Galway run regular improv labs. If travelling improvisational teachers are interested in some improv barter and teaching a session we can offer a place to stay, some good company and we will feed you!