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FITS IMPROV COMEDY is Frankfurt's premiere English-language improvisation group. We take suggestions from the audience to create a whirlwind of scenes, characters and scenarios, turning them into joyful and unexpected moments for every audience we meet. A mix of short form, long form and musical improvisation, we perform the After Work Comedy Hour every third Thursday of the month at Orange Peel in the Frankfurt city centre. FITS improv comedy strives for truthful artistic play. We perform a more Chicago-based style of improvisation. All forms of improvisation rest on players willing to agree, to demonstrate empathy and take a leap with their fellow players onstage. Chicago-style improv can be said to be more relationship-based, where we meet well-defined characters, performing scenes that are connected by themes. At FITS, we also like punchy short-form improvisation games such as you might see on Whose Line is It Anyway?, which are constantly adapting to new suggestions put forth by the audience, where Frankfurt audience and actors are creating a comedy show together.


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    Theatre Languge Studio Frankfurt

    TLS Frankfurt is the home of FITS, Frankfurt’s popular premiere English language improvisation troupe, performing short and longform improvisation theatre for audiences monthly. TLS also holds improvis...


Theatre Language Studio
Petterweilstrasse 66
60385 Frankfurt am main


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