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Improv-groups searching for other groups in international context for exchange and collaboration. Output can be: visits, common weekends, international festivals, mixed shows, fraternization, workshops, ...

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    Improvizza! is Malta’s first ever improvisation festival! Aimed at local and international performers and improvisers, Improvizza! will be offering a number of two-day and three-hour workshops during the day, followed by performances and other events in the evenings.
    Participants will have a number of ways of being a part of this festival, from workshops to jams to showcase performances. The Festival will bring a number of international improv teachers and performers to Malta to teach workshops and perform in shows that will be open to all. The workshops cover a variety of skills and the performances will showcase different improv styles. This is a great opportunity for local and international theatre practitioners, improvisers and beyond to experience the world of improv in a wonderful setting that is Spazju Kreattiv in Malta’s capital city, Valletta.

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    The first ever Dubai Impro fringe is on in November and bookings are now LIVE! Check out our line-up of incredible instructors and performers from around the globe. and watch our awesome promo video based on Trainspotting 2!

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    Hello. IMPROFIEL (Bel) is searching for a improv-group in Europe. The goal is to exchange improv-visions and methods. We have nice experiences with this format: we visit a city for 3, 4 or 5 days. On several moments we do workshops and exchange our own trainers. On one evening we do a mixed improv-show in English.
    Who wants to be a host for us?
    No need for cheap beds or meals by the hosts. We organise ourselves in ho(s)tels, restaurants and bars. No worry.
    Interested? Let us know