This long form can be played two different ways. In both variations the audience would be asked beforehand to bring books of poetry, short stories, poems of their own, etc. Some of these books are chosen and randomly placed standing on the end (!) on the stage by a member of the audience. The book closest to the center of the stage is used for the first inspiration. A player leaves through the book and a member of the audience says, "Stop!". A short excerpt is read to the audience from the opened page. The scene begins.

First variation

There is a section where a) A book falls over - then you have to take directly from it - as described - quotes and text are incorporated into the story or b) a player does not know what to do and grabs a book and - as described - quotes from it. The history stays the same, the texts will be inserted.

Second variation

The scene continues until another book falls. This is quoted as described above. Every book tells a new story. Six to ten stories are played before the break. After the break, the audience is asked which stories they would like to see to the end. These books are placed on the edge of the stage. The stories are played to the end. A story goes or not based on whether or not one has pleasure, he can always quote from the book in question.

Hints and tips

  • Mostly by accident the actors knock over a book in the play. When the story ends, an extra charming book will be knocked over.
  • Depending on the size of the stage more or less books will be placed.

This long form was premiered by the Improv-Leck-TuEllen in May 2010.

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