The name of the game Spokes is derived from the basic structure of this long form. A large number of scenes are grouped around a basic scene. The basic scene is the hub, so to speak, and the other scenes, the following scenes, are the spokes. The basic scene is very short and simple. Simple, so that it can be repeated as often as possible. This is the special feature of this long form, which has the following sequence:


  1. The basic scene is played, if necessary with instructions of the audience. It is conceivable that the basic scene will be played 2-3 times in a row, so that it can be remembered (also) by the two players.
  2. The first following scene answers the first question that arises from the basic scene. So one of the (other) players, who asks himself this question, starts a scene.
  3. (Same) basic scene.
  4. The second following scene answers another question that results from the basic scene, possibly also a question from the first following scene.
  5. Basic scene.
  6. Follow-up scene.
  7. Basic scene.
always alternating - etc.

Tips and hints

The initial follow-up scenes usually answer open basic questions, see CROW, ROTZ, CBZO. If necessary, you can reduce the frequency of the basic scene in the course of the long form, i. e. you can no longer play the sequence scene and the basic scene alternately. In any case, you should end the long form with the basic scene, because it closes the circle. The players of the basic scene remain the same figures during the whole long form. Of course, they are allowed to act as these figures in follow-up scenes. The others do not have to play the same character continuously in the following scenes. The following scenes can be played before or after the basic scene. The special thing about this long form is that with every further scene for players and spectators the view of the basic scene changes, because it is "fed" with additional information from the following scenes.


  1. Primary scene: A man groans a horse. Another one comes in with a limp and says:"Joe, please hang up the saddle, I have to ride out - maybe I'll be gone for several days".
  2. Follow-up scene: The question is answered as to what the other man's name is, which relationship the two men have with each other. This happens in a flashback to their youth. It turns out they are brothers and the "big brother" named Jack always wanted to be sheriff. Joe was always treated as the little brother.
  3. Basic scene
  4. Follow-up scene: The question is answered why Sheriff Jack is limping. This is also done with a flashback: A third player comes in and plays a bank robbery, shoots a bank employee. The bank robber has a conspicuous Mexican accent. That's where the Sheriff shows up. The bank robber shoots him in the leg and flees.
  5. Basic scene
  6. Follow-up scene: It is about the question of why and where Jack has to ride out. Evening scene in the saloon. First of all, the village doctor tells the sheriff that he will never be able to walk properly again. Another guest tells us at the poker game that yesterday someone in the neighboring town robbed the bank with a conspicuous Mexican accent and then fled to Fort Laramie. Jack decides to start the pursuit immediately the next morning.
  7. Basic scene
  8. Follow-up scene: Jack's in Fort Laramie trying to find the bank robber.

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