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Campfire is a narrative long form. It belongs to the horror stories genre. The stories are based on tales from the audience. Camp Fire is played by a group of three.


Interaction with the Audience

The spectators will be asked for scary stories, that they experienced themselves. Those can also be stories that seems supernatural. If the story is too concise, then the moderator can ask probing questions for more details. One may tell three tales. The audience will also be asked to suggest three people who will meet at the campfire.


Three people meet in the evening and start a camp fire. After a short chat they come to an idea to tell stories to each other. After some short banter they come up with the idea to tell each other stories. Each player then "tells" a story that is based on the spectator's story, and acts upon it. After each story, we see the three people again at the campfire. At the end when they leave each other, for example, to go to sleep, the fire is extinguished (ie, the technician slowly moves the light down) and we see once again an item from one of the stories, which reappears.

The stories

The stories can be based very loosely on the spectator's suggestions or be exact retellings. It is important that many elements from history come up again. The storyteller can move between actual stories and making changes.

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