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Snap Focus


This warm up is to get people listening, responding fast and reacting without thinking. Everyone gets into a large circle.


One person in the circle picks a random person in circle and claps at them. Sometimes taking a half step into the circle while doing so. The person that was singled out with the last clap immediately picks another random person out, by clapping at them. In turn the clapping flies back and forth across the circle. Ideally there will be a constant clapping noise. Eventually the players will be so attentive and so quick to respond it sounds like one person clapping rapidly. This warm-up usually ends when people’s hand are denuded of flesh.


Distractions–those that are not clapping are snapping their fingers


Listening can be made harder as the players by allowing the players to only point to the next person in turn. Eventually just eye contact is used as an acknowledged look flies around the room. Lastly the players stand silent, immobile, and with their eyes closed as they telepathically communicate amongst themselves. Once this warm-up is mastered more it can be combined with Word At A Time Story.

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