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Duet 1:

Two singers look at each other. Singer A sings his four-line verse. B sings his four-line verse. Meanwhile, A sings his again for himself, after that both sing their verse to the audience.

Duet 2:

Works like duet 1, except that the fourth line of A, B also has to be integrated into his/her verse, in the following common singing both sing the same line at the end and repeat it again afterwards.

Duet 3:

Works like duet 2, but after the two verses follows an intermediate sequence on the theme sung by a singer C. After that, A and B each sing their own verse, last line is the same again and is sung together and repeated again.

Duet 4:

Works like duet 3, but the intermediate sequence is sung together by the two singers A and B as follows: A: his verse, fourth line must be remembered by singer B. B: its verse with the fourth line of A common verse: B: Line 1 A: Line 2 with rhyme on line 1 A: Line 3 B: Line 4 with rhyme on line 3 Afterwards everyone sings his own verse, the last line being the same again and singing twice.

Duet 5:

Works like duet 4, but both sing the intermediate sequence together, i. e. lip-synchronous, so simple lyrics should be used, possibly with repetition. Followed by the two individual verses, which everyone sings for themselves, turned to the audience, the last line is again equal and is sung together and twice.

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