As a rule, it is advisable to schedule the addition of the program during program preparation.

Sometimes it is advisable not to comply with the request for an encore, for example if a first encore has already been made. This makes sense, because the audience often demands the (further) encore "routinely" and "reflexively", but it is actually enough for the people.

A helpful "trick" to prevent or reduce further requests for encores is to make an announcement, e. g. to give hints for the next gigs, for special events, for the homepage, etc. This means that after the first encore, the moderator steps forward, people stop clapping, he gives the clues, after which the "gossip and encore automatism" is often interrupted.

Certain games are particularly suitable as an encore:

  • Retro variant of the Freeze Tag = Scene marathon
  • chorus groove
  • ...
  • avatar improwiki
last update: 2017-09-13
by Guido Boyke

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