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A warm-up game to get to know the players' names and for quick reaction. The players stand in a circle .

Player A is "Jonathan". - “Jonathan” performs two actions simultaneously.

  • He looks at/ blinks at any player, that person is thereby player A.
  • He calls the name of another player, that thereby is player B.
  • "Jonathan" walks to player A’s place (the person he blinked at).
  • Player A walks to the place of Player B (the person, whose Name was said by "Jonathan".
  • That Player B takes the place that is vacated by "Jonathan".
  • Player B is the new "Jonathan", says a name and at the same time blinks at a different person.

Good to get to know each other. Gradually increase the speed.

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last update: 2017-08-30
by Guido Boyke

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