K.A.R.L. Improv is a short and long-form improvisational comedy group out of Washington University in St. Louis, in St. Louis, Missouri. K.A.R.L. is an undergraduate student group that takes new members every fall semester and occasionally in the spring. They perform 3 major shows a semester and a small show every week on the WUSTL campus, as well as performing elsewhere in St. Louis and traveling to festivals around the country.


K.A.R.L. hosts Pandamonium, a collegiate improv festival, every spring. Since its inception in 2012, Pandamonium has grown in size and scope. Improvisors from different collegiate groups are randomly mixed into brand new teams, then practice all day under the guidance of professional coaches They perform that night for the WUSTL and St. Louis community in their new groups.

Past professional coaches and headliners include: Switch Committee (2014) Octavarius (2013) Garric (2012)


Seniors: Alex Antrum*, Kate Drummond, Will Jacobs, Connor McEvoy Juniors: Lianna Cohen, Damari Croswell, Ben Cutler, Jessie Joseph Sophomores: Elizabeth Dansky, Dera Ikeme, Alex Mitchell, Nathan Wolf Freshmen: Holly Ravazzolo

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Alumni include: Carina Fowler, Caryn Rubanovich, Randy Brachman, Jed Jackoway, Meghan Kenny, Emily Podany, Michael Greenwald, Stephanie Spence, Gabbie Tonietto, Cory Williams, Greg Gilbert, Evan Kuhn, Maggie Stamell, Ethan Stern, Ben Walsh, Atina Rizk, Marcus Austenfeld, Evan Susser, Eric Diamond


In 2012, K.A.R.L. Improv was voted Best in College Improv by Improvisation News.

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