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List of further ticks of figures

The following characteristics or behavioral patterns are particularly suitable for improvisation games (e. g. party guests) or as guidelines for exercises.

  • The figure tries to hide her "invisible" friend from the others.
  • A salesman who wants to sell everything he sees or touches
  • A figure who has swallowed a whole pack of sedatives.
  • The figure is convinced to be invisible (but it's not really at all)
  • The character is an evil genius who wants to seize world domination
  • An astronaut who considers the other characters in the scene to be a newly discovered alien life form he has just discovered
  • Figure behaves like a hungry dinosaur
  • The figure replicates another figure in the scene with a delay of 5 seconds.
  • Figure behaves like various actors of a circus
  • The figure can only communicate with gestures (charades)
  • The figure thinks that all the other figures are constantly evaluating and judging him/her.
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last update: 2019-02-22
by Guido Boyke

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