An offer is an activity or a comment of a player, which refers to a teammate or is directed at him, and requires a gestural/mimed or verbal response.

If the person you are playing with reacts "correctly", the next scene comes up. Responding correctly means he accepts the offer, so for example - most common mistake - not blocking.

Relationship statement

It is helpful when the offer (also) includes a relationship statement. For example:

Wife to her husband:

"You have forgotten the umbrella yet again!"

or positively:

"My love! Great, that you thought of the umbrella today!"

is better than if she says to him:

"That is some shitty weather!"

Clear or open offer

An offer can explicitly indicate a direction in which the scene can develop. It can also be "open" however, so that several possibilities remain for the further development of the scene. An "unambiquous" offer is generally preferred, since a strong statement leads to a more rapid and purposeful progression of the scene. Example - Beginning of a scene:

"Mr. Smith, the forensic examination has shown that you fired this weapon."


The result of the forensic examination is here. (a [more] open offer)


"The results of the investigation are here." (even more open)


[Actor,] "They're here."

Superfluous offers

It is also important not to swamp other actors with too many offers. And one should not suddenly make a completely new offer in an established story, which has nothing to do with the story or at least does not move the story forward. In each of these circumstances there is the danger that the action will no longer be compelling and that the story's promise will be become lost. Important basic rule: take what there is. Example:

A marriage conflict is established The woman (main character) accuses the husband of unfaithfulness, the best friend of the wife wants to mediate. Here, for example, it would be superfluous if, in her own scene, the best friend is suddenly told by her doctor that she has cancer. The actor who had the doctor + cancer-revelation idea should therefore refrain from making that offer. However, it would be conceivable that, for example, the wife finds out from her doctor that she is pregnant (by her husband). That will reinforce the existing conflict If the story is already strongly focused on the couple it could be overkill, for example, if it is discovered that the wife is pregnant by another man.

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