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Orlando Alliteration

A free scene is played. However, the audience assigns a letter to each player before the game begins. Players must now begin each word with their letter. It is not always necessary to create meaningful words, mainly the beginning of the word with the given letter.

  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Specifications from the audience: the letters and possibly a place
  • Consonants work better than vowels


Player A is assigned the letter "L". Player B is assigned the letter "S".

  • Player A: "LIn lhe levening Li lalways let lungry. Lit's lot lood lor ly ligure!" ("In the evening I always get hungry. It's not good for my figure!")
  • Player B: "Si sarticularly sike schnitzel." ("I particularly like schnitzel.")
  • Player A: "Li lrefer lurrywurst. Lest lith lries." ("I prefer currywurst. Best with fries.")

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last update: 2017-12-29
by Maitti Showhopper

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