Time: 10 Minutes

Number of Participants: Best in groups of 4 or 5

Required Equipment: The only equipment needed are pieces my paper with characteristics on them.

Recommended Age: 16 +

Objective: For the “guests” to act out their character and for the “host” to guess who everyone is. This is an improvisation game that gets people to leave their comfort zone and act out roles that they are not used to. People will be acting in ways they aren’t used to and this helps to breakdown any barriers people might have such as being shy or performing in front of their peers. Game Instructions:

  1. One player plays a character that is having a party.
  2. The other players will be the guests, and each guest is provided with a character or silly characteristic.
  3. The host does not know who the guests are.
  4. His/her task is to guess who the guests might be, based on hints the guests offer.
  5. The game is over as soon as the host has guessed all guests.

Positioning: This game can be done just about anywhere and does not require a lot of room. Their positioning would mostly be scattered.


  • Can have quirks instead of characters
Safety Considerations:
  • Do not have characteristics that might make people uncomfortable acting out.

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