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Press Conference

One player A leaves the room / venue. The host asks the audience for a famous person or character and an announcement this character has to make. For example: Batman announces he wants to marry Robin.

The player A who left now returns to the stage and will give the press conference. He will start with some general announcement and then he has to guess who he is and what has happened.

The other players mime the journalists and ask questions pertaining to the announcement. Each player should identify themselves and the newspaper, magazine, TV show, etc... that they represent (Ex: James Spanner from Popular Mechanics), and that should affect the type of question that they ask. It is great to see very distinguished journalist characters.

If player A has a real hard time guessing the other players can provide stronger hints.

The game is over if player A has guessed who he is or if the host stops the game after a time limit.


Video example

Whose line is it anyway - "Press conference: Noah is announcing he's eaten all the animals on the ark"

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