Info 10 + Minutes Groups of approximately 10 to 15 people. Enough objects for the entire group except for one participant. Recommended Age: 14+

Objective: To be creative in composing road trip stories as other participants act out the car part they are assigned. This is a drama game that allows the participants to all be involved in the group activity. This allows everyone in the group to feel comfortable and have fun at the same time. Game Instructions:

  1. This game begins by all of the participants sitting around a circle.
  2. The participants’ places in the circle are marked by objects (ex. chairs). This is to ensure that there are enough objects for everyone in the group except one person.
  3. Each participant is assigned the name a car part (example – hood, wheel, door, etc.).
  4. The designated storyteller must then tell a story of a road trip as they walk around the outside of the circle.
  5. During the story, as the storyteller mentions the individual car parts, the participants must get up and follow the storyteller around the circle.
  6. When the storyteller calls out “Blowout,” the participants must scramble for a seat where an object is located.
  7. The participant who is left out then becomes the storyteller.

Positioning: This game can be played in any area that is large enough to accommodate the number of players that are participating. If there are multiple groups then they need to be spread out enough so that the noise from the groups does not interfere with the other games.

Modifications: • Every time the storyteller says a certain word (example a city or a name) the participants must scramble to the objects. Safety Considerations: • The participants must be careful not to injury other participants or themselves when running to the objects.

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