The aim of this exercise is to make it very clear in a very short time what a scene is all about. It trains the making of strong offers.

10 scenes with 2 players are played shortly after each other. Each of the 10 scenes lasts only 20 seconds (or another length chosen by the instructor: 10s, 30s, 1min...). The instructor stops the time and after 20 seconds two new players jump onto the stage and start a new scene.

As the players don't have much time, you may feel confident enough to do more and risk more in the scene, making offers and reactions to offers great.


  • After all 10 scenes have been played through, the instructor can select a few scenes from these (for example, the last two scenes played) and let the players continue playing them (e. g. for 1 minute) at the point where they ended before. After 1 minute you can switch to the next scene.
  • In order to give further assistance, the scenes can always be stopped after a fixed time (e. g. after 1 minute) and then briefly recapitulated what has actually happened in the scene so far and what possibilities there are to continue playing this scene.
Accepting, Action & Reaction
Number Players
2 bis 3
freshman, advanced, pro
calm, energetic
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last update: 2019-09-25
by Guido Boyke

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