Get into a circle for listening and focus warm-up.


One player starts off by clapping their hands (a singular clap), while facing another player. The goal is for both the players to clap their hands simultaneously. The player that received the applause then turns and claps simultaneously with the next player in the circle. This produces a cycle of simultaneous claps racing around the circle. It takes some time for a group to get this going. Once the simultaneous clapping is moving nicely the player that is receiving the applause may opt to give it back to the person that clapped at them. This will reverse the direction of the clapping. What the player does to reverse the direction of the clapping is to not turn to the next person in the circle, but stand her ground and clap directly back at the player that handed her the applause. There is an overwhelming urge to try and screw up the other players in the circle. This is to be discouraged as more can be learned from trying to make the circle flow quickly rather than fail frequently.


Once a group gets really good at the simulclap clap focus can be added to the warm-up letting people point at someone directly across the circle from them. The circle can also tell a word at a time story each time that they receive the applause.


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last update: 2019-02-27
by Guido Boyke

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