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Taxi Drive

Four chairs stand in a square and form a taxi. In the beginning there are three actors sitting in that taxi. Player A is sitting in front as the driver with player B as his front-seat passenger next to him and player sitting behind the driver.

Player D is standing on the sidewalk and calls the taxi in order to get a ride. D comes along with a specific feeling, attitude or subtext. Player A stopps and lets D enter the taxi. D takes the seat behind the front-seat passenger .

From that moment on all player adopt D's feeling and maybe even augment it. At some point A finds a reason to leave the car (e.g. "I'm just going to get me some cigarettes") and B becomes the new driver. C takes B's former position and becomes the new front-seat passenger. D slips on to the seat behind the driver. Yet all players maintaine the same feeling.

Now a new player is standing by the road with a new feeling/attitude. He gets a lift, too, and he takes the now empty seat behind the front-seat passenger Again, his new characteristics are adopted by the other ones. And so on and so on.

Alternative Description

Put two chairs in the frontrow and two behind it, symbolizing a taxi.

In the beginning, 3 actors sit in the taxi, of which actor A embodies the driver, actor B the co-driver and actor C sits right behind the driver.

Actor D, yet outside on the street, stops the taxi and wants to take a ride. Doing so, actor D conveys a distinctive sentiment, a certain attitude or might also provide a clear subtext. Of course, actor A stops the taxi and actor D enters it, taking the seat behind the co-driver.

From that very moment on, everybody in the taxi shares actor D‘s sentiment. Feel free to vary in dimension or colour, you could, for example, expand the sentiment in a certain timing.

As time goes by, actor A, the driver, has to leave the taxi for a certain reason, let‘s say he has to get cigarettes or anything, and now the co-driver takes his place. Actor C takes the co-drivers seat, actor D takes seat behind the driver. Don’t forget: doing so, all actors are still in the mood or sentiment actor D brought to them.

Only after that, a new actor waits on the street to stop the taxi, conveying a new, distinctive sentiment or attitude. The driver, of course, lets him enter the taxi, and – guess what – everybody shares that new emotion or sentiment now.

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