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The Black Box Improv Theater

It all started in June of 1982, Justin emerged from the womb in a Dayton Hospital. He immediately realized two things: 1) There was no improv in Dayton and 2) Other people clean up your poops for a while after birth.

Justin graduated from Tippecanoe High School in Tipp City and attended Wittenberg University in Springfield Ohio. Wittenberg provided Justin with his first exposure to improv and he was hooked. After completing his Communication degree, he couldn’t shake the desire to make stuff up for a living. After moving to Chicago and finding out that its nearly impossible to make a living at, Justin moved back to Dayton eager to bring his knowledge of the art to the area and started The Black Box Improv Theater in July of 2012.

Justin has performed, studied and taught improv in Chicago and New York City and performs each week at his theater. The theater is more than just a place for Justin to flex his comedic muscle as over 150 Daytonians have already studied at the theater and many of them currently perform in weekend shows.

The Black Box Improv Theater continues to grow in prominence over its short existence. Justin recently spoke at the TEDx conference, and The Black Box has teamed up with long time Second City musical great Trey Stone to continue bringing great comedy and art to Dayton.

We strive to push the limits of what people in a relatively unknown city like Dayton should be able to accomplish. If you like the status quo you may not be a customer of The Black Box, but if you want to come see a group of people try to carve out a new name for Dayton come join us!

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