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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The audience is asked for a problem or an Issue, for which the audience would like to have a piece of advice or information. In the following the audience will be bestowed upon with three pieces of advice. One is a good advice (which should actually be good), the second is a bad advice, and the third a very terrible advice (even worse than the bad advice).

Each piece of advice is introduced by a single player. Directly after the advice is given, the players come on stage and play the respective piece of advice in a short scene (3-6 sentences). They quickly leave the stage and the next of the three pieces of advice is given.

The game is repeated with a new Question to the audience or, if previously collected or directly with the introduction of the next problem/Issue.

Good, if the related scenes climax energetically towards the third piece of advice, if this worked it is a very good point to end the game.

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last update: 2016-10-07
by Jochim Wienberg

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