The famous improv TV show "Whose line is it anyway" was named after this game.

Before the games starts (maybe during a break) the audience is asked to write sentences on paper notes. The sentences could be something they overheard yesterday, a famous quote, an advice given by parents, typical sentences in crucial situations etc.

The paper notes will then be put on stage so the players can only read them if they pick them up.

Get a suggestion from the audience (i.e. a relationship). Now 2 or 3 players play a scene. After they have established the Who/Where/What/Why they could just pick up one of the paper notes and read the sentence out loud. They should then try to make that sentence part of the scene (integrate and justify it). Also the picking up of the note could be justified ("Oh my earring just fell down...").


It can be helpful to say an introducing sentence (usually one ending with a colon) before the note is read out. For instance:

  • "Since puberty I have the following philosophy: ..."
  • "I always panic when in the morning my boss tells me: ..."
  • "Do you know what I just thought: ..."
  • "Yesterday, Holger told me: ..."

After that sentence the player could read out the sentence from the note. Then the player should crumple the note and throw it away (to not read it twice). If there are too many notes on stage they could be used for the following games as well.


  • Players could pick up notes only when the host claps.
  • The game could be played like the game Freeze Tag, where players clap and a new scene starts.

Video example

  • The game "Whose line" as part of the TV show "Whose line is it anyway?"

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