A game for quick jokes and short laughs.

The Moderator asks the audience for e. g.

  • a profession (i.e. police officer)
  • a hobby (i.e. football player)
  • a specific person (i.e. Queen of England)
  • a role (i.e. husband)
  • a specific promotion (i.e.spot for beer)
  • for a situation (i.e. marriage proposal).

The players line up. The players now have to make a gag in quick succession, preferably always the worst case. For example, if it says "The worst pilot in the world", you could briefly mimic a drunk pilot or a pilot who is afraid of flying, or something like that.

The players can step forward individually for the gag or together. After every gag the presenter or the audience makes a "Mööp". Then the next gag follows. If all the jokes seem to be exhausted to a preset, then play the next preset.

Listen immediately to the first impulse. Doesn't always have to be the biggest roar.

Suitable not only as an exercise to train speed, but also as a warm-up game at the beginning of a show. This game should not be performed too often since it plays a lot with stereotypes and clichés and the same patterns of gags might be repeated.

A very similar game is: Flash spots or Scenes from a hat.

Movie example

Whose line is it anyway - World's worst worst Roommate: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLr5dCqERYYY


  • Try to play the game as "world's best" instead or "world's quietest", "worlds quickest" or something else.
  • Try to play longer scenes by not using stereotypes and without the goal of getting laughs
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