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In this scene one actor will read all her lines from a script, while the other actor must justify those lines and a scene will arise from this chaos.


One actor reads from a script, preferably a mundane high school like text, and takes all her lines from the script. She may read from one character, or several characters, whichever allows her responses to be quicker. The reader can help t he justifier by offering emotion and activity to the words. Trying hard to maintain a reality in the scene makes it the most fun, simply hacking on the reader as being crazy is a lazy wimpy way out. You get it why it's called actor's nightmare?


The reader can launch into long texts, the justifier can ask the reader to repeat something (of course they cannot), accidentally reading stage directions.


Multiple scripts with or without an actor justifying

Using an audience member's cell phone texts instead of a script. Bring up an audience member and get them to bring up the person they text most on their phone. Have them sit up on stage while you read their texts during the scene. *Note* skim past things that are too personal - ie: addresses, phone numbers etc in texts.

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