A game for 3 players and more.

A player goes on stage and calls a player B to the stage. For player B he defines a character, a quirk/tick or a special characteristic for which he is to be awarded. This definition can be total nonsense.


  • Player A, for example, yells: "Frederik wins the prize for the longest laugh!"
  • Player A leaves the stage and player B then enters the stage and briefly goes into his character (laughs) and then - as with the Oscars - gives a very short speech of thanks (maybe with justification why he did it).
  • Then player B calls the next player C and also defines a reason for the price, e. g: "Sarah wins the prize for being the most beautiful mix of the stereotype of Spaniards and Germans."
  • Player B leaves the stage and player C comes on stage, shows the stereotypical characteristics mentioned above, makes her acceptance speech, calls the next player etc. etc. etc. etc..

The game is also a good practice to quickly switch between different characters and make special offers bigger.

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last update: 2017-12-29
by Maitti Showhopper

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