A silly but nice little warmup game which requires quick reaction and a group rhythm.

All players form a circle. One player stands in the center of the circle, he is the "Barney". All players snap their fingers to a beat, starting with a slow one. "Barney" calls a random letter of the alphabet, i.e. "B" and points to a player A in the circle. Player A now must say a sentence with

  • a name of a person starting with the letter "B", who sells
  • a product/service starting with the letter "B" in
  • a country starting with the letter "B'".

A sentence with the letter "B'" could be: "Ben sells bananas in Belgium."

Player A has to come out with the sentence to the rhythm of the finger snapping. If he/she hesitates, is out of rhythm or makes a mistake, then player A becomes the new "Barney" and has to call out a new letter pointing to a player in the circle. If player A does it right, the "Barney" player has to call a new random letter from the alphabet, pointing to another player.

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last update: 2019-02-25
by Guido Boyke

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