This is a call and response game. Players form a circle and designate someone as Big Booty. Big Booty leads the game. Starting at Big Booty's right, everyone is assigned to a number, counting up from 1. Big Booty begins the game by clapping a basic 4/4 rhythm and with a simple chant.

All: Big Booty, Big Booty, Big Booty - ooooh yeah
Big Booty: Big Booty! Number 1!
The player with the called numger will respond by calling their own number out.
Number 1: Number 1!? Big Booty!
Big Booty: Big Booty! Number 6!
Number 6: Number 6! Number 7!
Number 7: Number 7! Number 7! (Error!)
All: Ooh shit !!!

Players call out numbers, responding when their numbers are called, and calling out new numbers or Big Booty.

Rhythm is very important in this game; it doesn't matter what number you call out (except your own number), as long as you keep it within the basic 4/4 rhythm.

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Big Booty: Number Five
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