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Blinking place change

One (A) is in the middle of a large circle formed by all other players. Now the players are looking for eye contact with each other in a circle. When two pairs of eyes have found each other, the two players squint secretly at each other in order to "communicate secretly", then start running at the same time and swap places as quickly as possible. A must try to snatch the place away from one of them.

In the beginning, only players who are standing next to each other often swap places. But then the player in the middle has no chance to get a free seat. The players in the circle must raise the bet in order to give the player in the middle also the possibility to get a free seat. The game becomes fun just when you increase the risk and don't go "on safety" anymore. As always, winning is not the goal, but that everyone involved has fun.

Meaning: A fun warm-up game that trains the wide angle of view. Good for new groups (and also suitable for children's birthdays).

See also the exercises Blink and Blink Murder.

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last update: 2019-02-25
by Guido Boyke

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