This is a warm-up practice for the beginning of a rehearsal.

The players stand quite stiff and immobile like in a block of ice frozen. However, slowly the sun rises. The block of ice melts from top to bottom. At first, the hair is exposed and the players can move a little the scalp. The ice further melts. The eyebrows and the ears can be moved. In the end, the eyes are also free and we can also roll with the eyes.

The ice further melts, releases the nose with which we can move. The mouth can do tones. We can already move the whole head and the ice melts to wide shoulder, upper arms, upper parts of the body slowly get free (the hands have still frozen). Further hip and hands get free, then the knees which we can move. If, in the end, also the feet are free, we move our body, finally, in all directions because the ice has melted and gone through space and dislocate us in the joy, finally, to the ice to have escaped.

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last update: 2019-02-25
by Guido Boyke

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