Scene for 3 actors.

There is a commissioner who has to solve a crime. There is a secretary who gives hidden clues and a defendant who has to confess to a crime of which he has no clue, because he is sent out when the audience is asked about the nature of the crime.

And there's Boris. Boris is the dreaded ghost who is in the closet and with whom the commissioner threatens the accused if he does not confess. Boris is invisible, but very fast and can torture damn well. The accused knows Boris only by hearsay, but he is mighty afraid of him.

The commissioner must now, by cleverly questioning the accused, steer him on the right track so that he can make a confession.

The secretary supports the commissioner by agreeing with him or the accused and giving hidden clues that specify the crime.

Once the accused has guessed his crime, he confesses and the game is over.

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last update: 2020-02-23
by Guido Boyke

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