A rhythmical warm-up game in a circle, the more you take part, the more fun. The lower limit is five players.

The players are in a circle. There are three elements, 1. The basic rhythm ("High, high, high..."), 2. The bunny-bunny impulse ("bunny-bunny, bunny-bunny...") and 3. The Ruckitucki ("Ruckitucki - Ruckitucki...") to the left and right of the "Bunny-Bunny".

1st Everyone says rhythmically throughout the game:"High, high, high, high, high...", sprung in the knees and swinging their arms loosely from the outside in front of the body.

2nd In addition to the basic rhythm, an impulse runs through the circle by a person always saying "bunny-bunny, bunny-bunny". During one of the "Hoh's" of the basic rhythm the first "Bunny - Bunny", that's the acceptance part, and during the next "Hoh's" again "Bunny - Bunny", that's the delivery part. During the acceptance part, the player makes a gesture to any person: Both middle and index fingers are turned towards their own eyes and are bent once during each "bunny". The second part is the delivery part, where the "bunny bunny"is said to be just as well, only the gesture is not directed towards one's own eyes but towards the eyes of any other player in a circle. This one does exactly the same for the next two Hoh's. For the impulse to be unambiguous, it has to be transmitted very clearly, i. e. at shoulder level and with eye contact.

3rd Parallel to the bunny-bunny, the neighbours say to the left and right side of the person with whom the "bunny-bunny" is, turned towards this person "Ruckitucki - Ruckitucki", and support this with dancing movements by moving the angled arms and shoulders back and forth.

The game ends automatically, because the basic rhythm gets faster by itself. The funniest part is when it's so fast that it's not possible to pass on the bunny-bunny impulse so fast.

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last update: 2017-08-29
by Guido Boyke

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