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Conceptual circle

Different terms of a family of concepts,such as vegetables, sports, city names are exchanged crisscross form from player to player in a circle. Everybody has one turn in each round. For the following stages a player must remember the player before, the phrase received from this player, the phrase announced to the next recipient, and who the recipient is. In the following rounds the same first round is reproduced, meaning exactly the same concepts are received from the same persons and the same concepts are passed to the same persons as in the first round. After a few rounds the concept "transmitter and "receiver has hopefully established themselves, because after that there is a new round with new concepts from another subject area.. Important: the person order is now different too. Also here are some rounds with the new concepts and the new person sequence.

Therefore ultimately the two round have to try to run at the same time.

Example: Start with the quizmaster with C: "Berlin," immediately following with F: "handball." Meanwhile already C to B: "Düsseldorf." F to H: "Fencing," etc.

Sometime usually one of the two concepts is lost. Then one has to start again. "Experts" will simultaneously manage a third round.

A good attention and concentration exercise.

Advice and tips

  • In the first round the already mentioned clues are kept in mind.
  • Of course, always make eye contact to the next player.
  • If one notices the mention of the condept is not heard, it can be reapeated unil he reacts (also passes on his understanding)
  • It is much more difficult when one walks around in the room during the exercise.
  • It happens again and again that the same player will appeal to their changed next player Then "keep calm" as each of following person speaks one after the other.
  • It is normal when the parallel running rounds have different and/or variable Tempos.
  • Don't think about or discuss (at least not for long) who mucked up their phrase and why.
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