Let’s get four or five players in a line and one person to conduct a story.


The goal of the conducted story is to have the players tell a story that moves seemlessly from one player to another. The goal of the conductor is to make the story flow as well as possible. If the conductor moves from one player to another the new player that is speaking must continue on as though there was no pause. For instance, moves from player Eh who said, “many children were afraid of Carl for he was known to ha..” to player Bee, who would continue seemlessly “ piles of library books that were overdue.” The key is listening. It is a listening exercise. The four players that are not speaking must be listening. They all must have the next word ready to go, and only if they are listening will that word make any sense. The players must also be accepting of what is happening in the story. Forcing their own agenda will show up quickly. Words like, ‘but’ and ‘instead of’ reflect someone denies another players offers. The conductor does not try to foul the players up like in the Die Game, which is the performance version of the conducted story.


Hold on one player for a long time.


Give each of the players a genre the impact the story when it comes to them. Try the story in gibberish.

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